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A Play in 2 Acts

Fell the Tallest Tree

Judgment of Paul Robeson

by Hershell Norwood


During the struggle for "equal rights" in early 20th century America, many African Americans promoted mass agitation as the best means to instigate social change. Rather than collaborate fully with other black leaders, Paul Robeson promoted a separate individual plan. He favored creative self-reliance and personal magnetism as his method to inspire and be a leader during the early civil rights movement. Nevertheless, in the political mass media Paul’s enemies manipulated his oversight and used it to turn Blacks and other Americans completely against him. One might say, however, that a critical decision Paul made during that time to protect “his family” holds the key to why the real truth, Paul’s legacy as a world leader fighting for peace and liberty for all oppressed humans, may openly survive in public view for ages to come.

Character Study by Randi Bjornstad, (Eugene, OR Register Guard, 30 Apr 2015)