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About Hershell

A. Actor
1. Vintage Theatre (NH) + playbill.
2. Peterborough Players (NH)
3. Mad Horse Theatre` (So.Portland, ME)
a. Working Book Mad Horse Theatre in Portland, ME - 1989-1990
b. Sun Journal Review, Lewiston, ME, review of "Working" - 01 Dec 1989
4. Univ. Oregon (OR)

B. Director
1. Lubbock, TX, El Traje de Sante Clos (The Wonderous Santa Suit)
a holiday play directed by H.Norwood, Lubbock, TX - 11 Dec 2005
2. Spokane Community College, "Friendly Enemy," Saxon play
The Friendly Enemy directed by H.Norwood - 12 April 2008

C. Playwright
1. Juneteenth Legacy Theatre African American play Festival Award, and production,
Univ. Louieville, KY, 2001.
2. AAPEX - Billie
a. pick of the day at - Sep 19, 2011
b.Film and theatre communities present "Billie's Blues"
c. The Flip-side to Billie's Blues at - Sep 8, 2011
d. Billie Holiday Theatre & Film Event - 06 Sep 2011
e. Nashville Film News
3. AAPEX - Paul (reading at Vanderbuilt Univ.)
4. Cats Productions
a. Charles Rule's trailer from Cats Productions (Portland, OR) - Billie
b. at in Portland, OR
c. performance at Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center,Portland, OR - 09 Feb, 2011
d. a reading at the Fertile Ground New Works Festival - Jan 22, 2011
e. Charles Rule interview
f. "My Man Don't Love Me" from the play "Ladies of the Blues" - Feb, 2011.
5. Texas Tech Grad school
a. Texas Tech Univ. Lubbock - 2005
6. Downtown Urban Theatre Festival (DUTF, June 2008, NY)
a. Honoree June 2008, Theatrical Works, current site: downtown urban theatre
b. flyer, The Rush Arts Gallery - April, 2008

D. Scholar
1. Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), Washington, DC,
presented theory paper (Aug.2001), pg.78
2. Black Theatre Network (BTN) Annual Conference.
Univ. of St. Louis, MO, Theory paper(July ‘2000).
3. (ATHE) Chicago, IL. present paper,
“The Racial Views of Paul Laurence Dunbar as Reflected in his Plays”
(Aug. ‘2001).
4. National Black Graduate Student Association, NBGSA,
AWARD in Humanities for Research Paper. Atlanta, GA.
“The Racial Views of Paul Laurence Dunbar as Reflected in his Plays,”
(March ’2003).
5. August Wilson Symposium (Wash., DC) 2005
Situating August Wilson Symposium, Washington, DC - 2005